Thursday, February 15, 2024

ABC News

Education bureaucrats apologise for ‘restaurant rorts’

The federal education department has revised its hospitality policy after public servants spent thousands of dollars of taxpayers money at fine dining restaurants. Read More Just In

Business owners who lost tens of thousands of dollars in recent blackouts still waiting for compensation

Nearly one month after WA regions were plunged into a blackout during a heatwave, the business community still doesn't know if their losses will...

Former Queensland chief justice to head review into corruption watchdog’s reporting powers

The Queensland premier is set to announce an independent review into the reporting powers of the state's Crime and Corruption Commission, led by prominent...

Virtual reality technology controlled by thoughts lets paralysed patients experience walking

Dinesh Palipana lost the use of his legs in a horrific car crash, but was able to walk again in a new, thought-controlled virtual...

Ruined uniforms, mould and a few silver linings: Inside the remains of a flooded Top End museum

Memories of a "frontier" town risk fading from the page in the damp wreckage of Timber Creek's Police Museum. Read More Just In

Unemployment jumps above 4 per cent with scarcely any jobs added in January

Unemployment hits 4.1 per cent with an estimated 500 jobs created in January, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Read More Just In

Boxing lessons beating boredom and building positive relationships between remote kids and police

In a western NSW sports hall, dozens of young people gather each week to hone their hooks, jabs and upper cuts. And while it...

Wong says an Israeli ground invasion of Rafah would be ‘unjustifiable’

Australia's foreign minister says a ground invasion of Rafah, where a large number of Palestinians are taking refuge, would be "unjustifiable".  Read More Just In

Peach trial starts to bear fruit in WA’s iron ore heartland as future beyond mining beckons

While Newman is best known for its central role in WA's mining industry, locals hope a developing stone fruit orchard will help the town...

Michael Voss signs Carlton contract extension as Blues eye premiership push

Carlton coach Michael Voss signs a two-year contract extension as he vows to take the revitalised Blues to another level on the field. Read More Just...

Native animals may ‘start dying’ as Australia weathers extreme temperatures. But there are ways we can help

Animal experts are concerned rising temperatures will have a dire impact on Australian wildlife. But there's something simple you can do to help at...